In a global perspective, Europe is at the forefront of environmental policies, seeking to achieve a sustainable, resource and energy efficient economy. Wire and cable products play an essential part in achieving these objectives.

Selcable members are committed to a high level of environmental performance. This entails a dedicated environmental focus during the cable design including the material use, manufacturing processes, use and end of life. These areas are the focus of the Environmental Committee of Selcable and all activities are well linked to activities within Europacable. The Environmental Committee of Selcable regularly monitor all changes in new regulations and EU-directives that may influence the cable industry.

We have jointly produced templates for environmental declarations for uniform reporting of our products material properties. For disposal of old products we refer to the appropriate cable recyclers. (See Environmental Links) Cables are not directly affected by the WEEE Directive. When cables are included in a product e.g. a coffee maker so will the manufacturer of that product be responsible for the take back and end of life treatment. You can find the Environmental Committe of Eurocable here.