Welcome to Selcable!

Selcable, is since the year of 2000 the Swedish business organization for cable and wire manufacturers. The objectives is to promote and communicate the interests of the organization in the areas of standardization, drafts from authorities etc. Selcable represents the Swedish cable manufacturers in the European cable association Europacable.


Representatives from Selcable participates in the european and international working groups.


Selcable is a member of Europacable (The European Confederation of National Associations of Manufacturers of Insulated Wire and Cable). Europacable consists of 16 member countries.

Delivery conditions

General conditions for delivery of Cables and Wires.

Pooling system for cable drums

For environmental purposes a  pooling system is used for cable drums i Sweden. All cable producers will accept a cable drum returned from any customer.

Sustainability - Environmental Committee of Europacable