A cable drum can be used on average eight times before being scrapped. Therefore, the cable manufacturers within Selcable have a system for the disposal of return drums. In this way, we contribute to the industry’s reduced environmental impact!

A common fixed price list is available showing the prices for new drums and prices for returned drums. The pooling system covers drum sizes from K5 to K30.

The cable drums shall meet the Swedish design standard SS 842801 and testing standard SS 842802.

Note these documents prior to delivery of used drums to the cable producers:
Swedish industry standard for cable drums SELC-19:029e
Handling instruction for cable drums SELC-17:011e

Selcable is a trade association and do not handle Cable drums ourselves. But our member companiew do. If you have questions regarding Cable drums, Contact Bo Rasmusson at bo.m.rasmusson@telia.com.